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Ah, the great Portland, Oregon. What a beautiful city: sprawling landscape, eclectic culture, grand scale acceptance of all walks of life. This is the perfect city, almost.


It’s crowded enough to meet new people daily, yet spread out enough to that you aren’t bumping shoulders with everyone you walk past. The food is great, the sightseeing is top notch, and as I said, it’s a perfect city... almost. That is what you would believe if you didn’t know what has happened behind the veil. A war between the factions raged; it’s influence rippling out across the supernatural landscape.


You lost… We all... Lost. So many...


THE War. The War of the Four, as it’s known by many in the city, was devastating to the Pacific Northwest. Because of the War we had to make a change. We lost too many Elders, Masters, Court Leaders, and Alphas to continue the old ways. Our alliance, the Embassy created by the few that survived, a "Supernatural UN" if you will, has worked to defend the city and to secure our future. Had we not we would be on the same path as all the other strongholds. Under the Embassy’s influence the wolves fight alongside the mages, the vampires work with the empowered mortals, to survive we must.


But this doesn’t mean that we had to change everything. The secrets remain, the veils still stands, the masquerade still shield the mortals from us. We all work together, the Court of Metal was created by the Freehold as a defense response, artifice needed to masterfully create tools for all of us to defend our homes, our neighborhoods, our territories. The Thrice-Born and Forsaken haunt the shadow watching for our enemies to slip up. We all help with the city, and even the Seers have allied with the Consilium for survival.


If one of us falls, we all fall.


Though the War of the Four concluded decades ago - elsewhere conflict continues to flourish between the various factions across North America. The battles have had a devastating toll on the populations of many of the major cities. New York City, not a Kindred in sight. Chicago, not an Awakened for miles. Dallas, the Forsaken hunted to extinction. Even in Detroit, the Lost have vanished without a trace. Sin Eaters, Demons, even those who possess a Second Sight were hunted down or turned into lab rats. In it’s wake, Portland has come to be seen by many as the last known sanctuary for all of our kind.


Our War is over but outsiders bring battles to our borders. Our enemies attack us directly and indirectly, through our allies in differing Factions. So, for the security of all, we ask for all supernaturals, pro-Embassy or not, to fight. Because there are not enough of us to fight when our enemy comes again. It is calm now, but that will change… Refugees from other cities where a Faction has fallen are welcome, but cautiously. Who can be trusted?


We are hiring for key positions: Narrators and Storymaster.


We need your help! We're aware that Wanton Wicked has been an inactive site for a few months now and as a result a lot of our veteran players may not be aware that we're ramping up again. Please make sure to spread the news.  A full staff of volunteers is mandatory for us to launch on time!


Hiring: Narrators


Narrators are the most visible staff members on WantonWicked. With the guidance of Storymasters, Narrators help to create the interactive world in which the characters exist. This rule is activity driven and requires a weekly time commitment to ensure that scenes are running regularly and in a timely manner in order to keep the game active. Some disciplined documentation skills are necessary.


The Narrator’s primary role is to run scenes for characters. These are scenes based on plots by the Narrator or assigned by the Storymaster team to help push plot forward. This includes documenting scene logs and escalating character actions with have a city-wide impact or faction-wide impact to the Storymaster team.


Secondary to scenes, the Narrator’s role includes responding to story-driven requests from players in a timely manner, and ensuring that new characters are sanctioned quickly.


Unlike previous iterations of WantonWicked, a Narrator does not “belong” to a specific venue. Narrators can, and should, be running scenes for any Faction in which they do not have a personal character (3-4 Factions per Narrator). As such, this requires maintaining a current knowledge (though not an expertise) of each faction’s mechanics and House Rules. As such, access to books or PDFs is necessary

If anyone has questions about the positions further please contact the 5.0 Admin Staff.


Brief Job Description:

  • 4 months position duration minimum
    There is no expectation of working for longer; we wish to avoid burn out.
  • Maintain a library of the primary books for each game splat.
  • Run 1 planned scene per week (or equivalent 4-5 per month) for 4+ characters.
  • Run 2 “drop in” scenes per month as unique NPCs in order to maintain a presence in the game.
  • Complete a Scene Report for all scenes (per the template provided) within 2 days of completion.
    Update NPC records based on scenes (as applicable and per the template provided) within 2 days of completion.


Hiring: Additional Storymasters (1-2)


Position Note: We are experimenting with an entirely new staff structure. Storyteller Masters will not have a venue of their own. The entire team will be working together to design all aspects of the Portland venue Factions ((Changeling, Mage, Mortal, Vampire, Werewolf)) as well as designing plot outlines to be carried out by the Narrators.

If anyone has further questions about the position please contact the 5.0 Admin Staff.


Brief Job Description

  • 1-3 Year renewable Position
  • Number of ST-Ms to be hired 3-5
  • Maintain Open & Active Communication with Staff
  • Maintain Venue Continuity over the lifespan of 5.0
  • Design Venue Structure
  • Design Meta Plots for 5.0
  • Design Kits for Narrators and Players to use to play out the events falling under the meta plot
  • Design Major & Medial NPCs for ST-M and Narrators use.
  • Sanction/De-sanction Player Characters
  • Answer plot/venue specific request tickets
  • Resolve disputes between narrators and players or between players
  • Issue PPSs
  • Additional Roles that may be added later with approval from admin staff



Applying is easy. Simply create a request directed to the 5.0 Group, and apply the applicable Application Template. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and submit!

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