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Now Hiring: WW5 Narrators

We wanted to make the long awaited announcement that the fifth iteration of Wanton Wicked is coming this November! WW5 for short, our new setting is modern day Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon is something of a mecca for the mundane and supernatural -- attracting all sorts from the world over to the small “Big City” which lives the mantra “Keep Portland Weird.” Located in northern Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the city offers a diverse population and landscape.

WW5 is going to offer the “Big 5” factions (or venues) for play:
  • Changeling* and Fae-Touched
  • Mage and Sleepwalkers
  • Mortal/+**
  • Vampire and Ghouls
  • Werewolf and Wolf-blooded

Additional splats may be represented in stories or as NPCs, but will not be available for play.


You may be wondering about the term “Faction” instead of Venue for WW5. Faction is both an IC and OOC term we’re using to represent each of the core games that are being offered. We’ve adopted Faction because a key part of the WW5 game play is that we are “all in” for Crossover.

Crossover (play between the Factions) is built into our setting and allows players the opportunity to play with whoever you want without fear of automatic reprisal. Two major caveats to this are 1) no one is required to participate in crossover and there will still be Faction-only scenes and storylines, and 2) while there aren’t any IC or OOC restrictions on which characters can play with which other characters, IC actions do still have IC consequences.

We are in the process of doing a lot of updates and maintenance for WW5. 

During this time, you may find that some features or portions of the site are temporarily unavailable or produce an error. In most instances this will be resolved within a few minutes, but as always please report errors on the Technical Discussions forum (include a copy/paste of the error, where you found it and what time with time zone). Throughout this process we invite you to continue to participate and play on Wanton Wicked. 

Looking Ahead

More setting information and Character Creation rules will be published throughout the month of October, so keep an eye out.

Sanctioning will begin once all Character Creation rules have been published (tentatively October 22nd) and Game Live will occur on November 1st.

Upcoming Timeline

  • Forum 4.0 Clean Out: 9/24/2016

  • 4.0 Wiki Archive: 9/30/2016

  • WW5 Site Launch: Tentatively 10/1/2016

  • WW5 Launch: Tentatively 11/1/2016

Narrators are the most visible staff members on WantonWicked. With the guidance of Storymasters, Narrators help to create the interactive world in which the characters exist. This rule is activity driven and requires a weekly time commitment to ensure that scenes are running regularly and in a timely manner in order to keep the game active. Some disciplined documentation skills are necessary.

The Narrator’s primary role is to run scenes for characters. These are scenes based on plots by the Narrator or assigned by the Storymaster team to help push plot forward. This includes documenting scene logs and escalating character actions with have a city-wide impact or faction-wide impact to the Storymaster team.

Secondary to scenes, the Narrator’s role includes responding to story-driven requests from players in a timely manner, and ensuring that new characters are sanctioned quickly.

Unlike previous iterations of WantonWicked, a Narrator does not “belong” to a specific venue. Narrators can, and should, be running scenes for any Faction in which they do not have a personal character (3-4 Factions per Narrator). As such, this requires maintaining a current knowledge (though not an expertise) of each faction’s mechanics and House Rules. As such, access to books or PDFs is necessary

If anyone has questions about the positions further please contact the 5.0 Admin Staff.

Brief Job Description:

  • 4 months position duration minimum
    There is no expectation of working for longer; we wish to avoid burn out.
  • Maintain a library of the primary books for each game splat.
  • Run 1 planned scene per week (or equivalent 4-5 per month) for 4+ characters.
  • Run 2 “drop in” scenes per month as unique NPCs in order to maintain a presence in the game.
  • Complete a Scene Report for all scenes (per the template provided) within 2 days of completion.
    Update NPC records based on scenes (as applicable and per the template provided) within 2 days of completion.
Applying is easy. Simply create a request directed to the 5.0 Group, and apply the Narrator Application Template. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and submit!

Faction: Changeling

The war from without is over and has been for some time now, long enough for young Lost to scoff at the elders and their mutterings. Everyone gets along now, or maybe one should say everything gets along. At night you can run into a vampire at a bar, and take your chances with a conversation, as opposed to calling for backup immediately and reaching for whatever edge you carry on your person to make it through the next five minutes before things go inevitably sideways. Those were the old days, right?

That said, this city is weirder than most, and the dangers are myriad and insidious in nature. You have to deal the machinations of your Court (not to mention your rival Courts), the alien thinking and actions of the other denizens of the night, the old wounds and scars that some harbor in spite of the passage of time… There is always something just over the horizon, in the Hedge, lurking in the depths or walking the streets easy as you please, quick to take advantage of the unwary.

The war is over. The struggles of life and death remain.

* When approaching WW5, because The Onyx Path is producing a new system of books (Chronicles of Darkness aka 2E), we had made it a policy to only produce games where a published book is available to all players and staff. The Onyx Path anticipates publishing the rules for Changeling: the Lost 2E this fall, but there is always a chance for delay. However, because of the popularity of the Changeling venue and the anticipation of this publication date, we have decided to launch the Changeling venue with the advanced preview of the character creation rules that The Onyx Path has provided.

For this reason, we wanted to also notify our potential Changeling players of a rather major Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware): When the book is published there may be changes to elements of character creation (for example, kith or seeming effects, changeling merits, fae-touched merits, etc.) If this is the case, your character will be modified to reflect the official, published rules. There will be no grandfathering.

Faction: Mage

The world unseen, the knowledge unknown, the truths untold.

We have stood the test of time for millennia, but we do not know the truths. The Seers are said to have our backs, but the Banishers are more coordinated this time around. They maybe our problems, but our allies trade fire power for one of the greatest treasures on this earth - the unknown knowledge.

We will teach who we can while protecting the veil, ourselves and our Faction. There are still many mysteries out there. Still, we cannot let our guard down or lose everything we have worked so hard for.

Faction: Mortal+

More to come!

** We want to draw a clear line of distinction between the mundane mortal world and the “capital-M” Mortal world that is made up of the PCs for WW5. While you can 100% play a “vanilla” Mortal character (we know this is popular), the Mortal community is very much a faction in its own right with members who are very much in the know about what goes bump in the night, runs in the woods, hides under the bed, and exists in the In-Between. This faction umbrella covers “vanilla” Mortals as well as Psychic Mortals, and is shared by the half-splats of other Factions (Fae-touched, Sleepwalkers, Ghouls and Wolf-blooded) who have a foot in both worlds.

Faction: Vampire

More to come!

Faction: Werewolf

On the surface, the Forsaken of Portland present a face not unlike any other. Beneath it, conflict simmers as most find themselves by word or deed falling into one of three groups - those who support the Embassy and its Accord, those against the Embassy, and the Thrice-born, self-named and a more militant sub-faction. They are a unified front made up of separate beliefs.

All three groups have different views and ideas on what could make or break the city's Forsaken. The supporters fight for the will of the council, while those who are against it seek to root out any outside-Faction rumor or secret that might be used against their Faction. The Thrice-born wish for the Forsaken to go back to the way things were -- supporting only the Forsaken and no one else.

There is one thing all three agree on... no one is safe with the Pure and Bael Hounds lurking in the shadows.

Faction: The Embassy

A sixth, pseudo-Faction at play in Portland is The Embassy -- a cross-faction coalition which works towards one primary goal: Protect the Secret.

“If one faction falls so do we all.”

In the wake of a massive Faction War still in the recent memory of many, The Embassy has established a tenuous “peace” Accord which demands and enforces that, before all else, the existence of the supernatural must be kept from mortal knowing. Beneath this Accord, the various Factions have at best allied and at worst agreed to co-exist under the threat of mutual destruction.

Outsiders and newcomers often find the Accord strange, sometimes abhorrent, but it is also an appealing draw. Not only does the local population accept it, but many take pride in their progressive, visionary new model.

Will the Accord continue to hold against suppressed tensions and threats from without and within?


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