New Feature: Play Preferences

Let us know your play preferences by visiting Play Preferences. You can also find it under the Site Tools menu. This will let Storytellers and people who run scenes know what you enjoy the most.

Hiring New 4.0 Storytellers!

Are you interested in a Storyteller or Narrator Position? Apply today!

  1. Create a New Request under any Character (sanctioned or unsanctioned)
  2. Select Group: Admin
  3. Select Type: Storyteller/Narrator Application
  4. Click the "Templates" button and choose Storyteller Application.
  5. Complete the questionnaire and submit!


Storyteller Perks:

  • All Storytellers and Narrators receive Supporter Status as long as they are active.
  • Storytellers have new expectations for workload management to provide clear guideliness for what is expected.

 Site Supporter

Contribute $5 dollars towards WantonWicked and receive:

  • 5 Bonus Experience Points!
  • Custom Wicked Supporter avatar for your OOC login:
  • Wicked Supporter rank on the Forums!



  • A maximum of 5 Bonus experience points may be earned for any character through role play and other activities.
  • Wicked Supporter bonus experience points are in lieu of any other bonus experience. Larger donations will be awarded bonus points over several (applicable) months.
  • Donations of $5 or less may not be split between characters.
  • Once your payment has been received and processed, you'll be able to select which character to receive the bonus.

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